The Future of Online Advertising

To succeed in the present and prepare for the future, marketers must unravel the technical challenges of identity and addressability, which is the ability to deliver holistic, personalized messaging in the open Internet. Doing so not only fosters a brand’s own success, it also cultivates this vibrant and critical component of a free, strong, happy and healthy society.

The open Internet is larger than
all the walled gardens combined.

Succeeding in the Once & Future Open Web

While the major walled gardens (Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter) dominate in ad spend and constitute four of the five largest sites, the open Web accounts for almost four times more visitors among Comscore Top 50 Sites. This means that ad investment is disproportional to where people actually are.

Marketers need the open Web to reach audiences at scale, but it’s not a uniform environment. That creates challenges such as first-party (1P) data loss and wasted ad spend, as well as alienated customers when ad delivery is not managed thoughtfully across all screens.

Flexibility across devices, channels & formats

SOURCE gives brands more control over their identity stack, providing addressability across all screens, with or without third-party cookies, while respecting privacy.

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